SV Pelican is a 1977 Spindrift 37 sailing catamaran designed by Lock Crowther. It is known for its high bridge deck clearance, wide beam, and general seaworthiness. It is a no-nonsense cruising cat that was designed ahead of its time. In contrast to most cruising cats of today, Pelican was designed for the sailor with minimal comforts and high performance in mind.

I bought SV Pelican in summer 2016 with plans to restore it and sail to adventure across the Pacific ocean. This Blog will serve to document that journey from initial repairs through hopefully sailing in paradise.

The boat is in pretty rough shape. Its been sitting neglected for at least 7 years. There are rotted parts in the deck, and I spent the first few months just pulling trash and materials out of it. I will need to replace almost everything on the boat.

However Pelican once proudly sailed the west coast of North America from Seattle to the Sea of Cortez, and with hard work and determination, She will again.

My plan is to completely refit the boat, using DIY techniques to make it as modern and safe as possible.  The major projects as they stand now are:

  • Replace rotted sections of the deck
  • No fossils fuels on the boat, repower with all electric motors and galley
  • Re-rig with modern sails and rigging
  • Update all electronics including autopilot

The restoration will be a long road, and I look forward to the journey.

I have already met so many helpful people along the way, if you are interested in my project, please do not hesitate to get in touch.